Design Process

Initial Meeting – An initial no-obligation meeting allows us to understand the aspirations for your project including your wishlist and functional requirements. We are able to take you through our general design philosophies and illustrate how these have been applied to our previous projects.

Pre-Design/ Onsite Meeting – We can make a valuable contribution to your project before the design conception by helping to prepare a comprehensive brief and advising on project feasibility, including a preliminary analysis of the site and the relevant development controls. An Agreement for Architectural Services between Client and Architect is worked through together.

Concept Design – This stage involves deciphering opportunities and constraints within the proposed site or existing building, to develop architectural solutions at a conceptual level. The Client brief is given form and basic functionality with a combination of drawings investigating the space and site, as well as three dimensional concept images.

Developed Design – This stage involves a further refinement of the design. Final decisions are made so that all parties completely understand and are at ease with the design before starting the detailed documentation. At the conclusion of Developed Design, the building is sufficiently defined to give a clear understanding of the scope of work and the architectural look and feel.

DA/CC Council Submission – The Developed Design is further refined to produce detailed drawings and specifications that will allow a building approval to be applied for.

Detailed Design and Documentation – Construction – Once the building consent has been approved, we complete the documentation required for the construction of the house. We provide additional details, drawings and schedules that would be required for construction.

Detailed Design and Documentation – Componentry and Interiors – This stage includes the material selections for inside the house, as well as providing drawings and schedules for the interior cabinetry, kitchens and bathrooms, and lighting electrical plans.

Detailed Design and Documentation – Landscaping and Exteriors – An additional service we provide is the design, detailing and documentation of the exterior hard landscaping elements. This includes pools, decks, fences, gates and outdoor living areas. This does not include planting plans which require the input of a separate consultant.

Contractor Tender & Negotiation – Methods of building procurement suited to the project are discussed as the design develops. Typically projects are tendered to selected contractors/builders in order to gain a competitive fixed price. Other methods are available depending upon preferred timeframe, budget, desired quality and current economic climate.

Construction to Completion– Contract Administration – An optional service that we offer to ensure that the project is built to a high quality and that you have our expert advice on hand to understand and to provide solutions to questions the builder may have. We work with you through the entire construction process and after you move in to ensure that your home lives up to your expectations when you turn the key and after you have lived in it. We are there to guide you through the process and make it an enjoyable experience for all. We look forward to working with you on your project. Some contracts allow for administration by the owner or an independent agent.

Fees – It is important that clients are made aware of the costs of architectural services early in the relationship. We are happy to talk about fees and services and will provide fixed fee quotes once the scope of work is known. Our charges will be specific to the complexity of the job.